Mirror Pond Pale Ale: Believe It

At Last We Met

So, I'd been hearing about Deschutes Brewery's Mirror Pond Pale Ale for a while. No one has shaken me by the collar over it, but whenever good beer and hops are mentioned the Mirror Pond name always comes up. Being an occasional beer drinker it had taken me a while to try one. Last night the occasion arrived.

Over the years I've tried many American pale ales, and many of those were from the Northwest. Of those Northwestern pales I only have memories of Rogue's Juniper, but it didn't leave me wanting more.

Mirror Pond Pale Ale, however, is the style done right, perhaps even perfectly. It's hoppy but balanced, crisp, citrusy, slightly floral, smooth, and refreshing. It's a fully enjoyable bottle of beer with that Northwestern style, and it lived up to its popularity and to every good word in its reputation.

Yes, I'll have another. Bravo, Deschutes. 


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