Steak À La Frank Fat's

Bringing Old School Home
Sometimes food blogging makes you hungry. I've been working on a top ten list of my favorite old school restaurants for later in the week and the section on Sacramento's James Beard Foundation America's Classics Award-winning Frank Fat's had my taste buds reminiscing and shooting phantom flavors into my brain. Now, steak with oyster sauce is a thing, and recipes abound, but I wanted THAT steak. Working from memory I tried to recreate Fat's classic version of a New York steak using a cut of beef chuck short rib, since it was what I had in the freezer at the time. It might not have been the real deal, but close enough was mighty fine.

After a few hours in a three-tablespoon salt brine the beef was ready for grilling. Before the meat hit the grill I sautéed some onions into translucence in butter and olive oil over medium-low heat and while the beef cooked I added a quarter cup-ish of oyster sauce to the sauté pan and stirred it all together. When the beef was rare I put it into the pan as well and coated it thoroughly with the oyster sauce. I served it beside roasted baby red potatoes, sliced pears, and grilled salmon. Mighty fine, indeed.


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