The Beers of Fall: Kona Brewing Company's Pipeline Porter

Kona Chameleon

While vacationing on Maui a few years back I was kicking back one afternoon in a poolside grotto with a Kona Brewing Longboard Lager. It was good, a cool refreshment after a long swim, and another fond memory from a list compiled during that wonderful trip. I'll spare you the slide show.

Recently I found myself holding another of Kona Brewing Company's beers: A Pipeline Porter made with 100% Kona coffee. Just looking at the label took me back to the beach so far from the beaches of my home. Yeah, I really like beaches.

The crazy thing about the Pipeline, however, is the flavor. All of the usual porter notes are hit, malt, chocolate, but the combination of mild carbonation, roasted malt and that Kona coffee reminded me more of a coffee drink than a beer, and I mean that in a good way. Sip after sip felt like a 5.3% ABV gourmet iced coffee, appealing to both my inner beer and coffee geeks. That is wasn't a bitter brew made it an especially pleasurable drink. It's smooth like an island breeze.

So, why wait? Try one, responsibly, while it's in season.


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