The Beers of Summer: Schirf Brewing's Wasatch 1st Amendment Lager

Not Sasquatch
As summer takes its leave we look at another Utah summer beer. Few things hit the spot in a warm month like a lager, but why be boring? Created for its Wasatch Brew Pub in Park City, Utah, Schirf Brewing's 1st Amendment lager is a crisp full-malt brew made with Munich malt and European style hops. It's anything but boring.

Sure, it's "just a lager", but put it to a blind test against any big commercial lager and you'll realize what a lager can, and should, be. Sure, it's "just a 4% ABV lager", as are all Utah-produced beers by law, but do you need to get hammered to enjoy a good beer?

I haven't made it to Wasatch Brew Pub yet, but I plan to grab a meal there on my next trip out to Utah. If their beers are any indication the food must be worth a visit.


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