The Beers of Summer: Uinta Brewing HooDoo Kölsch Style Beer

HooDoo That VooDoo?

Born and brewed in Cologne, (Köln), Germany, Kölsh is a straw-colored specialty beer that is medium on hops, light in bitterness and dry in the finish. Although produced year-round by Salt Lake City's Uinta Brewing, I found their HooDoo Kölsch-Style beer to be a great summer beer. In fact, many breweries' summer releases are often Kölsch-style beers. Suggesting pairings such as fish with lemon, grilled chicken and bratwurst, Uinta Brewing would seem to agree. Kölsch and Kölsch-style beers go great with summer.

By the way, HooDoo isn't VooDoo, and this beer is named for a rock formation, which was named for a folk spirituality. Got it? There, you learned something!

Happy Labor Day! Go quaff a Kölsch, responsibly!


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