Yeah, Bitch! Sauce!

Hot Pants! Mr. White Habanero/Jalapeño Sauce!

Well, the day finally arrived and the sauce I'd been stirring and sampling for a week was ready to strain and bottle. After a little smooshing through a fine mesh screen, gloves on/hands off, of course, the sauce science is done. Victory? Yes. It's good. It's quite good. Not only does the heat lllllllinger, it has been described as "hhhooooooott", but the flavor of the peppers is brought out by and plays nicely with  Lev's Original Kombucha Green Tea Vinegar. It needs a shake before use, but I can handle a little separation.

While I'd love to hoard it all I'm giving out gift bottles of the sauce to friends and family because a little goes a long way. The chuckle of using spent Underberg bottles isn't lost on me.

I also saved the seeds and pepper meat in some LOKGT Vinegar for ... well, I'm not sure yet. Any thoughts?*

Now, let's review:

Stem and clean your peppers. Pulse them with a couple of tablespoons of kosher salt in a food processor until smooth. Put the pulp and seeds into a clean, loosely-lidded jar in a cool place for eight hours-ish to ferment a little. Top with your choice of vinegar. Use Lev's! Check daily and stir. Do yourself a favor and lick the spoon. You'll love tasting the flavor develop. After seven days pour into a fine mesh strainer and press the liquid from the pepper meat and seeds. Reserve the meat in more vinegar and bottle the sauce. USE GLOVES AND HANDLE WITH CARE unless you like the warm glowing warming glow of chemical burns.

*Update: I put the pepper meat and seeds into a jar, stuffed it with hard-boiled eggs, and topped it off with green tea vinegar. So spicy! So good!


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