99% BitterSweet Saves The Day (Again)

Curry Victory!

I'd planned a crab curry, and by planned I mean that I'd had the notion to do a crab curry and had intended to vamp my way through it. I knew that I'd wanted to make a curry because, like its close cousin the health shake or "smoothie", curries are a great way sneak some nutrition into myself and my family. We'd all been eating out since I'd started my recently-ended road trip to SF and while we'd eaten well, we hadn't eaten good if you know what I mean. Another similarity to health shakes is that curries lend themselves to improvisation. I'd wanted to improvise because there were, once again, various things in the garden and the fridge that needed to be used in a meal soon.

My improv hit its first problem when version one of the curry came out bitter. Some ingredient or combination had given my green curry a not-unpleasant but not-ready-for-crab note. It took some tasting and tweaking, a little salty stuff here, some sweet stuff there, and after a time I'd arrived at a curry that was pleasing. Still, however, the flavor of it was not a match for the can of crab meat in the old chiller.

I'd decided to use the tofu I'd seen on the fridge shelf instead of the crab. That's when I ran into my second problem. The tofu had gone nasty in my absence. What to do? Improvise.

Remembering that I still had some of the wonderful grilled sausages from Wolfsen's Meat and Sausage that 99% BitterSweet had sent along for me to munch on when I'd left her home at the end of my road trip, (that was life saver number one, along with some delicious home-made kombucha and bread), I knew that dinner would be saved. I went to work adding the slices of sausage to the curry. In the final product, over chicken-flavored rice with carrot, onion, garlic, and two types of kale, the variety of sausage discs were like tasty surprise packages. Would my next bite be sausage with blueberries or figs? Spicy or sweet? I love a tasty mystery. The sausages worked well with the curry too.

Thanks to 99% BitterSweet's generosity the curry was saved by sausage*. Huzzah!

*My "no sausage, please" family member received one of the last of my current batch of habanero pickled eggs mixed into their curry. Ooooh, spicy goodness!

It's Ready for Its Closeup, Mr. Chowbacca!


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