As My Old Pappy Used To Say ...

Peace to You All, Maverick Team

"Sometimes a restaurant burns your steak. Sometimes a restaurant burns down" is what my old pappy might have said if my old pappy were anything like the fictional Brett Maverick's fictional pappy. That stand-by set up from the Maverick TV series always ran through my head whenever I saw the pictures of James Garner and Jack Kelly hanging back by the restrooms at Maverick the restaurant.

This was supposed to be a different post. I was supposed to be telling you all how much I'd enjoyed revisiting one of my SF favorites on my recent road trip and how much it had tickled me to experience it again with my bestie Stella, who'd introduced me to Maverick so many brunches ago. I was supposed to tell you that it was the restaurant where I'd met my best friend Sean's mom for the first time. I was supposed to tell you that it was the place where 99% BitterSweet's family had first met and shared a meal with my own family. I was supposed to tell you that the food is still great and that you should go try the sweetbreads at once.

Yesterday a fire in the Maverick kitchen changed things.

Sometimes a restaurant burns down. Sometimes losing a restaurant feels like a chunk of living has been taken away. Sometimes memories are all that remain.

As my old pappy might have said, love the people and places in your life while they're around. At least I was able to share that one last meal at Maverick with Stella. At least there was some closure. How much worse for those who have poured their hearts and lives into making such a place real day after day. How much worse for those displaced by the fire.

I hope that right now is not forever, Maverick. If you're back in the saddle in six months to a year I will be back too. Come what may, you weren't a legend of the West, Maverick, but you'll always be a part of my heart's mythology.

A Tasty Memory


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