Islands Odyssey: Burger by Burger: The Nalu Nalu

Nalu Nalu

It's name means "wave", (wave wave?), but if it were made in Cleveland instead of California this tasty Islands burger would be a sausage sandwich. Topped with provolone, hot deli pepper rings, sautéed onions and mixed peppers, the taste took me back to fond memories of Cleveland street food. Islands added lettuce and roasted garlic aioli, making it taste even better. Like those sausage sandwiches, you'd best be careful, or this burger will give you a lap of flavorful toppings.

I enjoyed mine, as I do every Islands burger, with a strawberry lemonade and those great fries. One of these days I have to figure out the magic of Islands' fry seasoning. One day ...

This Is Not A Sausage Sandwich


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