Naked Brunch: The Corner Store, SF

"Brunchy spot with full bar" might be the opening line to a personals ad placed by quite a few restaurants in San Francisco. "Bring me your tired, your hungover, and your drunkover*" might be the next. It is in these magical places that the healing begins. Healing, or, for some, just the next day's drunk.

The Corner Store at 5 Masonic is such a spot. It has tasty things to please your food hole and tasty boozy things to tell your brain to shut the hell up about what you'd done to it the previous night. It's also open, yet cozy, you don't have to shout your conversation, and, for the moment, it is completely without those fucking linestanders** that pollute San Francisco sidewalks these days.

Why call this post "Naked Brunch"? Made ya look? Now, go and get some delicious brunch at The Corner Store before the linestanders find it.

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*The Chowbacca! Dictionary defines Drunkover as still being hammered from the night before. It's not a hangover, because you're still feeling no pain. Also known as a "Wrap Around", usually when mixed with certain drinking accessories.

**The Chowbacca! Dictionary defines LineStander as those pigeon-like people who refuse to eat anywhere that they can't name-drop and/or Tweet about. Part of the PhoneGawker*** family, these creatures will stand in line for hours waiting to be served what is usually some overrated fare that managed to whip up a bit of buzz on Twitter.

Look, folks, there are billions and billions of restaurants in the 7x7. Go and eat at one of them. It's food. It doesn't need a velvet rope. Don't stand in line like a chump. You look stupid.

***The Chowbacca! Dictionary defines PhoneGawker as, well, excuse me while I take a selfie.

The Corner Store
5 Masonic Avenue
LineStanders Need Not Apply

Biscuity Goodness

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