Road Trippin'!

Got Some Glands

I'm free-range for a few days and am visiting favorite people and places. I'm also filling my face hole with foodstuffs. Here's Day One:

As seen above, I can't make the I-5 run through the CONGRESS CREATED DUST BOWL without stopping into Harris Ranch Restaurant. Since I was having dinner later with a bestie in Pacifica I opted for a quick Harris snack of a Fat Tire Ale and crispy sweetbreads in pommagranate sauce. Oh. My. Pancreas.

27 reasons to eat in Pacifica

Recharged by a gut full of glands I made my way to Pacifica where a bit of ceviche and a wide selection of pisco adult beverages were on the menu at the recently opened Puerto 27 Peruvian Kitchen and Pisco Bar. In addition to the ceviche and spicy plantain chips I enjoyed some roasted duck and ... well, I was too busy catching up, but it was tasty.

Now, on with Day Two!

Harris Ranch Restaurant
24505 W Dorris Road
Coalinga (sounds dirty, doesn't it?), Californication

Puerto 27 Peruvian Kitchen and Pisco Bar
525 Crespi Drive (SIRI pronounces it "creppy" to my delight)
Pacifica California



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