Eggnog Pancakes and a Bacon Trick


Sorry that this post-holiday-post is coming in so late. I've been a bit "under the weather", whatever that means in a place where it's sunny and 72 degrees at the end of December. H/t to Ol' Doc Gus for posting when he was able.

After Christmas I'd wanted pancakes, but I was out of milk. I hadn't even any decent milk substitutes around. No heavy cream. No half-and-half. No coconut or almond milk. I'd been preparing for the inevitable mass of leftovers, but had left myself unprepared for pancakes. A trip to the store? Unthinkable.

There was, however, that leftover eggnog. I'm not talking about that carton o' egg-flavored slime on your grocer's shelves. I'm talking about my MiL's creamy, rich, delicious, beloved eggnog. Well, that was going to have to do. It did, and the cakes were fluffy and delightful.

These eggnog cakes will have to be a post-Christmas tradition. Well, as long as it's just-post-Christmas. You don't want to leave the nog around too long.

Oh, and I'd heard from a cashier at Trader Joe's that a chef who shops there had told her that grating some cinnamon onto bacon was something special. I did just that with some of their Black Forest bacon before popping it into the oven and then served the bacon along with these cakes and a variety of my infused syrups. Good call, chef. Mmmm, mmm.


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