It's Not Just for Pumpkin Pie Anymore

Recipes are like a certain part of the anatomy; had by all.

Now that pumpkin flavored everything, and particularly pumpkin pie, season has passed, what to do with all of that pumpkin pie spice*? You could, as is the norm, let it sit around until next year, but by next year it's not as flavorful. You could use it on other fruits, as I did on Asian pears. Apples might benefit from a sprinkle. What to do? The clock was already ticking on those store-bought spice blends before you store-bought them.

Scientists have their "what if" moments. Sometimes I have my "why not" moments. Combining pumpkin pie spice, garlic powder, and paprika I made a dry rub for a pork tenderloin. It's good. Try it out sometime. Why not? Actually, why not a curry?

*I know. I should make my own. Then I wouldn't have extra. I will. Sometimes I just need the time.


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