Mouth Full O'Nuts: Honey Roasted Peanut Butter with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Near-Instant Gratification

This? So. Good. Take a one pound bag of honey roasted peanuts and your favorite extra virgin olive oil, put the nuts into your food processor*, and pulse them a few times until the nuts are in fine chunks but not quite pulverized. Then continue to pulse your nuts and pour in a little of the olive oil at a time until you have, ta-da, honey roasted peanut butter with some extra nutty flavor from the oil.

We've been enjoying this butter on rosemary crackers. I highly recommend it. I also did a mixed nut butter the same way and it's great. Give them both a try. Doo eet. Well, unless you have a nut allergy. Then just have a friend doo eet and ask them to describe eet. Eet's that good.

*You can use your Osterizer, but, duh, don't run it with the lid off or you might feel some nut spray.

Happy Holidays, Chowbaccans!


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