Roasted Beets with Pomegranate Seeds and Grenadine

The Titular Beets, Pickle-Brined Pork "Ribs", Fresh Bread Awaiting Butter

Well, I hope that everyone has had a great gorging holiday weekend. Now, get back to work. ;)

Seriously though, how many days of leftovers until you're left under?*

SO GOOD, but Only for So Long
As great as it was, it's time to stop cuddling the now-dry turkey and stuffing, the gummy creamed corn, and the yams what ain't what they yam. Hopefully you've all finished what you've started by now. I have, and last night it was time to get the go-to post-holiday feed:

The Other Comfort Food: Garlic Fried Shrimp
I'm sure that if you did any cooking at all for Thanksgiving that you don't want to think a lot about what to make for dinner not that the holiday is over. I'm going to go easy on you. Here's a quickie, and Chowbacca! has already given you the key to the toughest part: removing the seeds from the pomegranate. In fact, I was going to give you the side, but I'm just going to give you the whole meal. I get it. You're tired. I am too. Gorging is a lot of work.


1) Take your pork "ribs" out of your chiller. If frozen place them in a zip-top bag and then into hot water for about 20 minutes or until thawed. Place them into a lidded bowl and pour in pickle juice** to cover. Let sit in the fridge for a couple of hours. If you have a bread maker you can start a loaf about an hour before this step. If you're not baking bread, start some rice or stab a potato and toss it into the oven too. Simple enough, eh?

2) Clean, (take that outer layer off and wash it), and cut a large beet or two into one-inch-ish chunks. Throw the chunks onto a jelly roll pan, salt them and then coat them in olive oil. Place the pan into a cold oven and then bring that oven to 400 degrees. If you're baking a potato, place the pan into the oven for a bout 20 minutes. The beets should be tender enough to cut with a knife. Give them another five to ten minutes if they are still hangin' tough.

3) When they are ready, remove the beets from the pan and place into an oven-safe bowl. Cover in home made grenadine and pomegranate seeds. You won't need to drown the beets, just toss them in a layer of grenadine. You didn't make home made grenadine yet? Tsk. It's so versatile! Well, it complicates things a little but you can read about how to make it here. I'll wait.

4) Now, place the bowl back into the oven and also place your pork onto the jelly roll pan. Pull the beets out after about five minutes. Cover it or place it into a warmer. Flip and roast the pork until it reaches a safe temperature and then pull it out of the oven. Your bread should be nearly ready. Plate it up and serve. Simple, and an easy clean-up too.

*I tried to come up with some ideas for leftovers this year, but my brain was full of food. Next year, I promise.

**No near-empty jar of pickles? Just take some pickling spice and water, mix. No pickling spice? Sheesh. Here.

Now, go eat.


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