This Should Be the Most Wonderful Time of the Beer


What's the deal with Christmas ales? I've tried ale after ale and they pale next to the holiday favorite from Great Lakes Brewing Company. Have I just been drinking the wrong ales? I'd have thought that Rogue could score with something called "Santa's Private Reserve", and it is quite a good beer, but it's not Great Lakes Christmas Ale. Affligem's excellent Noël was a delight to drink, but it didn't ring my jingle bells the way Great Lakes' offering always rang them. Even my old pal Anchor let me down.

Let me be clear: None of these beers were bad. They were like getting socks for Christmas. Socks are great. I need socks, but socks aren't the gift I'm looking forward to receiving. Socks are socks.

It would be a different matter if I could get Great Lakes' beers in California. I can't. Does anyone out there have any suggestions that I haven't tried? Until then, I'll keep slugging away at the beers of the season in hopes of finding that special gift.

Lovely, but a Holiday Snooze

I didn't have a pic of a GLCA. Ghoul Power will have to do.


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