Yet Another 2013 Chowbacca! Year In Pictures

That's Me On The Right
From our beautiful offices high atop Nakatomi Plaza where it's all Ode To Joy all the time, here's yet another look at 2013 in pictures. Happy scrolling!

This Year's Dumb Diet


A Farewell To Maverick. :(

It's Lodge and In Chodge, or something like that.

Oh, The Vanity Plates of Orange County!

I Made My First 3 Souffl├ęs Ever This Year!

So Much Good Food.

I Finally Played Around With That Bread Maker Gift. I "Made" Bread!

I Went Fermentation Crazy With Sauerkraut ...

... And Kombucha!

So Much Good Food!

I Rediscovered My Old Pal Grapefruit

Out With The Old, Now-Rusting, Fun Kettle And In With A 10-Yr-Warranty Kettle

I Had A Lot Of Fun With The Garden This Year

Necking Has A New Meaning Now

Um. This Thing.

My Grill Had A Good Year. This is Not My Grill.

I Made Infused Syrup Gifts: Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean, and Red Chili

Of Course, I Saved Some For The Family

TTFN, Chowbaccans! Have A GREAT 2014!


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