Grow This: Culantro, (Cilantro Haters Need Not Apply)

So. Good.
Unless you're genetically deprived you love to eat cilantro, coriander, Chinese parsley, dhania. If so, I have some news for you. Culantro, or Mexican coriander, a relative of a taco's best friend, kicks the flavor up several notches. Like cilantro, it's great in a wide variety of dishes! Unlike cilantro, it's EVEN MORE DELICIOUS! In fact, my Wonder Woman and I can't stop picking leaves off of our garden's new addition. The leaves are predator-preventively pokey but preposterously pleasurable! If your garden center doesn't carry culantro, whine and cry until they do. Seriously.

I could go on about this tasty biennial herb for days, but this article says everything that I might say and more so read it now! Thanks for the education, Christopher Ramcharan!


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