Photo Essay: Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I joined the Lev's Probiotics crew down in Monterey last May: Lev Kilun himself, The Kombucha Man, Number Two ("...why do I have to be called number two?" "You know why," "Can't you think of something else?" "I couldn't think of anything better if I tried.") and the latest addition to their little microbe farming tribe who I have dubbed Specific Task.

AGF picked me up from home.

"So are you drinking again?"

"Yes, in fact I wish I had one now," I told her in the car trip, feeling a little green from a long night of being naughty.

I was going to write at length about the trip, but better writers have written better works about better adventures in drinking.

Plus I'm saving some stories for the memoirs.

I will say this: nothing clears a dance floor quicker than me and Number Two cutting up a rug to shitty EDM.

A Photo Essay:

The famous Sardine Factory, which was closed sadly.
Quality Inn, Downtown Monterey, CA.
The Bulldog Pub, one of many British-style pubs in Monterey. These guys had pretty good chippies.
A mostly mediocre meal at a different pub down the road. The grill cook did manage to pull off a proper medium on the burger. The rest was disappointing.
Introducing "Specific Task," of the Lev's crew.

Number Two eats Monterey. I believe this may have been after our famous dance party. Ladies, he's single!
Brunch and recovery. Still waiting for those pictures you took of us, Chef Jonathon Sawyer!
Bought me a beach hat at the local CVS.
This guy does mural all over the world, there's one in Cleveland.
So that's how I spent my "spring break."

Sorry about the lack of content, I assure you there's no lack of stories; just not for this blog.


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