Improv: Crepes

The Wee Wonder wanted crepes. The Wee Wonder gets crepes, even when I can't find the crepe pans. Crepe pans are nice, but are they necessary? Nope. You can make crepes just fine in a skillet, although, especially for camping trips, I prefer the light weight of our crepe pans.

Oh, lovely, we're out of milk. Do we need milk? No, you can make crepes with just water, but no, I'm not doing that, so, what's in the fridge? Well, I had some almond milk and Greek-style yogurt. A generous dollop of yogurt into the almond milk to boost the fat content and HUZZAH! Crepes.

Later in the week, faced with making crepes without cow-or-goat-or-almond-type-milk in the San Bernardino Mountains, I did the same trick with yogurt and coconut milk. It still made some dandy crepes, although I did lose a couple of crepes adjusting to the fire of a different stove. It threw my timing off. You may want to make a little extra for testing if you're doing the same.

If you're out of butter, you can substitute vegetable oil or shortening. If you only have enough for the crepe batter but none for greasing the pan, use bacon fat or duck fat to grease up. Just watch the heat to avoid spatter burns. Out of all-purpose flour? Try cake flour, rice flour, or make some whole wheat crepes, whydon'tcha? Just be careful and seek guidance. Whole wheat flour, for example, can make your crepes as dense as Guy Fieri. Missing and egg or two?

1 tsp oil
2 tbs water
2 tsp baking powder

Whisk together to replace 1 egg

Yes, there are other crepe recipes out there, but this is the one I use. Use whatever flips your crepe. Julia Child, of course, had much to say about crepes and their flipping here. As long as your crepes don't turn out looking like they flew out of a Star Trek episode you're probably fine, or am I being flippant?

Update: The crepe pans were found. Camping has been saved! Huzzah!

Operation: Annihilate!


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