OhmyghodIamsof*ckingWASTED!! Happy 20th, Kilowatt!

Iamsof*ckingWASTED. Yep. That's what I'd be saying if I was at The 'watt yesterday for the first night of their 20th anniversary party. Fortunately for my liver I'm with my family on the beautiful side of Orange County instead of scraping hipster teeth off of my shoe in The Mission, SF.

If, however, I was back in SF right now I'd be dropping by The Kilowatt for night number two to help Peter and the gang celebrate twenty years of good times, bad times, and the family you choose. It's the bar that Ol' Doc Gus, yours truly, and many other wonderful folks called our living room over the years. It was my last stop when I left San Francisco, and it's the only bar that I call friend.

So, if you're in San Francisco and didn't make it by last night, stop off for one tonight. You can stop in any night, but tonight they're still featuring guest bartenders of old and 1994 prices.

Congratulations, Kilowatt. May the good times continue to roll.

Here's a piece that ran recently elsewhere with some history of the bar if you're interested.


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