Spicy Rubbins

I recently threw together this variation of a spice rub and used it on both a roasted pork tenderloin and on roasted tofu. It's a simple thing and it worked well on both the meat and the veg. The heat can be easily upgraded by adding Cayenne to the mix.

How simple is it? Just throw the spices together (I believe that I used about a third of a cup to coat both the tenderloin and the four tofu slices), place them into an oiled pan (I used olive, but go nuts), and roast at 350 degrees (about 35-40 minutes for a small tenderloin to reach 145 degrees and 20 for firm tofu to reach a good texture and doneness but your oven may vary).

If you're ever surprised by a vegan (and who hasn't been?), you now have a go-to for their tofu.

In a small bowl, mix equal parts:

Brown Sugar
Smoked Paprika (good paprika is key, I tell you, KEY)
MSG* and Kosher Salt (half of each of these compared to the other ingredients)
Granulated garlic (garlic powder works in a pinch, but no)
Cayenne pepper (optional, but as options go, an awesome option)

* Not a typo. Use it. Love it. All of the bad press is wrong. Don't be a suckah, foo. Umami is good for your soul.

This Chowbacca entry has been brought to you by parentheses (a.k.a. whisper noodles), and the letters M, S, and G.


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