What the Food? Tokyo Banana

Box Cake? Okay, I'm Intrigued.
I came into this treat second hand. Having, surprisingly, had no prior experience with Tokyo Banana (yearly sales reported at 4 billion yen), I'd thought it to be some packaged cake. Turns out it was a lot of individually packaged cakes, each with its own oxygen absorbing packet to keep the fresh going.

Help Me, Twinkie The Kid!
So, sponge cake. A Japanese Twinkie-like product filled with banana stuff. More like something from Little Debbie territory, actually. Putting on my adventure hat I decided to give Tokyo Banana a go.

While I (who, admittedly had grown up eating a Twinkie/Little Debbie cake or three) found the light sponge cake with banana puree filling a treat, others had experienced texture issues with the snack. I think, however, that if you can get past the baby food-like texture of the puree the flavor is quite good for a snack food. I haven't had a Hostess or Little Debbie product in over thirty years, but my memory of them isn't as flavorful as the Tokyo Banana, and the light, fluffy cake of Tokyo Banana is so much better than my memory of either of the other cakes.

That said, the amount of packaging, while necessary to maintain the quality of the treat, is going to increase the size of landfills so perhaps you should make your own.



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