Cocktail: The Curry Julep

Cool Comfort
I don't know about your nape of the neck of the woods, but here in South OC it's been muggy. Like, not even South OC muggy. It's been "reasons I left Ohio" muggy. "Too hot for most bourbon drinks" muggy. So, not really feeling a strictly mint-y julep, I'd decided to put together something new for the palate.

Having recently made a cocktail with fennel syrup, I'd been considering a bar syrup made with lemongrass and sacred basil and this seemed like the time to make a bottle of it. It was. I still had some chili-infused maple syrup around too, and chose to bring a little heat to the party. The flavors of the syrups played oh-so-well with the bourbon's vanilla notes. Then I muddled some apple mint leaves in the glass and garnished it with a lemongrass stalk.

Combining curry ingredients and the sweetness of a julep, the name was a no-brainer (except that it took a week to name). Enjoy, responsibly.

The Syrup/s:

In one cup of water, boil a handful of sacred basil and chopped lemon grass. Allow it to sit, covered, for twenty minutes and then strain it into a jar. Add a cup of sugar to the jar and shake gently until the sugar dissolves. Repeat with fennel, and my chili maple syrup recipe is here, but just because I made three syrups doesn't mean you can't make one syrup out of all of the ingredients of the three. I'll try it myself later and will report back here with the results.

The Cocktail:

In a rocks glass, muddle four or five mint leaves. Add 2oz of bourbon and 1oz of lemongrass/sacred basil syrup. Add 1/2oz chili maple syrup and 1/2oz fennel syrup. Add a dash of fresh lime juice. Garnish with a stalk of lemongrass and a lime twist.

Seeing Double? Responsibly?


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