Costco Cut The Cheese!!!

Sad times are approaching at Chowbacca's SoCal offices. It seems that Costco has stopped selling our beloved, delicious, goat Gouda from from Holland via Abbey Farms. We have enjoyed this flavorful, creamy cheese wonder on its own, in sandwiches, on pizzas, at picnics, on salads, and in souffl├ęs. A wedge of the stuff the size of a baby's head was TEN BUCKS! The only reason that the sads haven't overtaken us yet is because my brilliant Mother-In-Outlaw bought out the last Costco in the area of our precious precious.

That said, the sad times approach, unless ...

... you join our campaign. If you've ever known and loved this lovely cheese, or even if you've just seen it at Costco, fill out a feedback form next time you're at your local Costco and request that they bring back the cheese, please!

Please Help. We Needs Our Cheese.


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