Enjoy Every Sandwich: Goat Gouda Grilled Cheese

"... enjoy every sandwich ..."

Goat Gouda, thinly sliced (seriously, it's worth the effort)
Sourdough bread (good sourdough, do you read me?)
Whole grain mustard (no cheating)
Extra virgin olive oil (about a tablespoon)
Salt (a hearty pinch)
Granulated garlic (about a teaspoon should do)
Unsalted butter (a tablespoon-ish)

In a skillet, to the tune of Lawyers, Guns and Money

Well, first you melt the butter
That pinch of salt will do
Then the olive oil
And that bit of garlic too

Give the pan a big old swirl now
To get the things to mix
Then put it all on low heat
And let the whole bunch sit

Put the mustard on the sourdough
Both slices are struck
Between the mustard faces, pal
Is where the Gouda gets stuck

When the bread is lightly toasted
Cheese soft like the plan
You'll have yourself a sandwich
Remove it from the pan

I had mine with a side of tiny tomatoes and shishito peppers. I even got a hot one.

I enjoyed the sandwich, Warren. I really enjoyed the sandwich.

"You know, you put more value on every minute...I mean, I always thought I kind of did that. I really always enjoyed myself. But it's more valuable now. You're reminded to enjoy every sandwich, and every minute of playing with the guys, and being with the kids and everything."
-Warren Zevon (January 24, 1947 - September 7, 2003)


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