Honey, I Creamed a Woodchuck! Gourmet's 1957 Cookbook

It's Not Just Road Kill!

The Book
So, my mother-out-law gave me two volumes of awesomeness that is Gourmet Magazine's cookbook from 1957. Apparently, game meat was all the rage in the fifties.

Giant Hummingbird, Eh?
In the books' hardbound pages is a wonderful world of happy, tasty animals waiting to be eaten by witty urbanites. Sure, there is the venison, goose, grouse, partridge, and rabbit you'd expect to find in a chapter on game meats, but while leafing through I found a surprise or two. No, there wasn't a recipe for hummingbird. There was, however ...

Watch Out, Ranger Rick! She's Got a Roasting Pan!
... and ...

Ready to Pot Your Muskrat?
Of course, raccoons aren't the only garbage-stealing pests on the menu. Yogi and Boo Boo made it too! HeyHey!

Running into the entry below after reading the ones above was a little disturbing for a moment. Mmmm, goulash that isn't actually made from Romani people. How about we just call it goulash for now?

Um ... Wait ... No ... Whew!
How, you may be asking yourself, can we ever rid our world of those pesky bison while keeping our strength up to fulfill our Manifest Destiny? Well ...

Bison Took a Break From Vanishing In '57
Of course, in the insensitivity of the time was inclusive of women too, or, as they were known then, "the gals".

Good News, Ladies! You Can Use the Grill!
There was, of course, more creaming to be done ...

It's Not Just For Woodchuck!

... aaaand there were some poor naming decisions made.

We're Having What?

But hey, who's ready for fried squirrels? On a stick, maybe?

All kidding aside, there is truly awesomeness within these pages. I'm ready to cook like it's 1957 and will post my victories here. Now, where's that bag of squirrels?


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