Lemongrass, Sacred Basil and Mint Limeade

Yum, Yo!
I had this idea when the weather was hot and muggy. The Wee Wonder had requested limeade and I'd been playing around with simple syrup variations. It all just came together, except it was too shvitzy in the kitchen to juice a bunch of limes. So, it waited and this post may be reaching you post-heatwave as well, but if you get another hot spell, and you have access to fresh herbs, you can whip up some of this for yourself. There's even a cocktail in it for you. Read on!

Lemongrass and Sacred Basil Limeade:

You can use the bar syrup we discussed earlier*, but to get the full flavor with less sugar I made a tea with a cup of tightly packed lemongrass, sacred basil, and mint leaves. I used the syrup for the sugar portion of the limeade. To make the tea bring 3 cups of water and the leaves just to the point of boiling and then remove from heat, cover, and allow to steep for 10 minutes. Strain out the leaves and allow it to cool. I use a clean dish towel to cover the pan to keep things out while the heat escapes.

The tea, by the way, is delicious on its own. Try some!

While the tea cools, juice those limes until you have a cup of liquid. Add 3/4 cup of simple syrup and 2 cups of water to the limeade in a large pitcher along with the cooled tea. Stir and enjoy your pitcher of herbal happiness.

Now, a cocktail idea. I like a Dark and Stormy, and I'd been reading about H.P. Lovecraft ... well, you'll get the idea.

Stark and Squirmy:

Pour an ounce of your favorite rum (I'm liking Zaya Gran Reserva sippin' rum at the moment) into a rocks glass, add lemongrass and sacred basil limeade to taste, garnish with a tentacle**.

A possible variation could be a Kraken cocktail using Kraken spiced rum. Imagine hearing "RELEASE THE KRAKEN" over and over at the bar while fratbillies vomit tentacles... um, maybe not. Anyway, send us a pic if you make one of these and we'll post it on our Faceboob page for all the world to not unsee. I dare ya!

*Syrup: bring 1 cup of water and a half cup of leaves to just boiling. Strain the leaves and stir in one up of sugar. Allow to cool. Refrigerate.

**Poached and cooled tentacles, of course. Although, raw is always an option. I'll post a pic of the finished cocktail when I can get a tentacle. While that part of this drink is still in concept, the combo of dark rum and the herbal limeade is delicious.

Rum, Yo!


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