Release the Kräftor! Cray Cray Party Time! Now At Ikea!

Party in a Box!
There are few things my family enjoys more than a celebration of international specialness and we happened to bump into one while picking up a new cow (moo) rug at IKEA. Apparently the crayfish party is a Swedish traditional gathering dating to the 1800s. Well, we missed the actual party at IKEA, but they sell a boxed version, and a packet of decorations so we decided to party like it's 1899!

Party in a Bag!
After thawing for about 30 hours (seriously) the cooked-and-dill-brined goodness was ready. We decorated the outdoor dining area and commenced to crackin'! Those lil bugs were good*! We'd also picked up some dill crackers with the rest of the kit and had some goat cheese with it. Also, tasty rhubarb syrup in sparkling water filled our champagne flutes. To Summer and Sweden!

Getting Cray-Cray!
We'd actually planned on doing more Swedish dishes with the meal, but our day got away from us. Turns out that for three people it was a good, light summer meal. It was so much fun (right down to the lobster bibs and "to the tune of" drinking song books) that we're planning a bigger party next year.  I mean, how did we forget the LINGONBERRY DRINK and SWEDISH MEATBALLS?

If you're looking for a quick, fun party at the last minute, go Swedish, yo. Hurry, though, summer is slipping away!

What Time Is It?

Dead (Plastic) Man's Party!

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