Buck Tradition

I've been asked in the past to do more traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes. I could, I supposed, if not for a few things: 1) My in-laws put on a spectacular, and traditional, spread every year for both holidays, so, at most, I'm either bringing something to the party or not, 2) Dottore Gus and 99%Bittersweet do up the traditional foods so well that my doing it would just be ... well, more, and, as Doc Gus himself points out, we don't have people throwing money at us to stage holidays beforehand. 3) It would bore me.

Honestly, if (and back when) left to my own planning I never go traditional. Well, I do like a goose at Christmas, but who does that anymore? If it wasn't for the lovely traditional dinners that my family and I share with my wife's family, I would do something like the prime rib cap pictured above with some dungeoness crab legs, purple potatoes, and asparagus. Simple, fun, and different, not hours stressing out over a giant bird. Sure, maybe I'd mix it up and do a traditional Thanksgiving every other year, but I'd always want my Christmas goose. The pressure of getting everything right year after year just seems unnecessary. It's supposed to be good food and fun times with family and friends, not a drag.

Fondue is always welcome. Just sayin'.

The prime rib cap may sound daunting, but really it's just two minutes of sear on three sides and then 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven. It's a rich and satisfying cut of meat. No one is going to ask where the turkey is after their first bite. Save the work for the goose. Relax.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


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