Cheers and Jeers: The Grocery Edition

Cheers to Trader Joe's for this yummy raw milk, rbST-free Gouda with chunks of Italian black truffle. If you live in SF, however, buy your cheese at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative!

Jeers to Whole Paycheck for this flavorless, overpriced, glorified pimento cheese. Cheers, however, to my MiL for thinking of me while cheese shopping.

Cheers to Trader Joe's again for this affordable jewel that made for a great dinner time glass.

Cheers to Costco for bringing me mass quantities of these wonderful treats. Jeers to my lack of self control. Seriously.

Cheers (with reservations)!
Cheers to my MiL and SiL for this smoked chipotle sauce. I usually make my own sauces, dressings, dips, and marinades but it was nice to have around while it lasted. Also, it helped me to realize once more why I don't do heavy salad dressings. They bury the flavor of the other ingredients. I mix up oils, vinegars, and sometimes bar syrups to keep things lively but I tailor each one to the other ingredients. This sauce dominated everything else in the salad. Hm, I wonder if heavy dressings were born to cover up that wretched iceberg lettuce?

Anyway, I love this as a dip for raw vegetables. Helloooo, raw zucchini.



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