Cocktails: The Tequila Red Eye/The Italian Cousin

The other night I dreamed up a tweak on the Tequila Sunrise that was mighty tasty. The Tequila Red Eye is less of a sugary mixed drink and more of a cocktail, with the orange coming from orange bitters and not from a bunch of juice. The name? Well, the easy names associated with the sun, the sun rise, sun set, and so on have been cocktailed up already. Sunset? Gone. Morning Star? Nope. Red Dwarf? Forget it. Even Names I didn't care for were taken. Tequila Sunburn is one wretched sounding drink according to "Boozemixer" and something involving Tabasco sauce in the UK.

There's yer anarchy, my friends*. 

I even considered Tequila Sun Ra, but, well, no ... because, his anti-alchohol stance. Disrespect the man's memory over a cocktail name? Couldn't do it. So, on I looked, rejecting some names (Tequila Sunup, Tequila Solstice) because they sucked. Finally, after beating my head against several walls I came up with ...

The Tequila Red Eye:

1-1/2 Oz. AƱejo Tequila
Three Highly Generous Dashes of Regan's Orange Bitters

Got an orange twist? Twist it in there. I didn't. I had Granny Smiths, pears, avocados, pomegranates, kiwi, and even a pomelo at the time, but no bloody oranges. Not even a blood orange. Even.

Then I got to thinking, "what if I added one half ounce of Fernet Branca?". That, Chowbaccans, is how The Italian Cousin** was born. I didn't have any Campari on hand at the time, but when I do I'll try it out with Campari instead of the bitters and see how that flies. Until then, cheers! Or, as the sorority sisters say, "chairs"!

*That's just one of my hilarious catchphrases generated for the star-studded launch of Chowbacca and Friends! COMING THIS FALL!

** Got better names for these drinks? Come at me! In the comments, of course.


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