Grow This: Shishito Peppers

One in ten-ish is spicy. They should really be harvested when red, but are mostly harvested when still green.  How you enjoy shisito peppers is up to you, but if you enjoy them then you should make a point to grow your own because then you could enjoy them regularly and in a variety of ways. I've used them raw on salads. I've used them in stir fried dishes. Some days, as pictured here, I just toss them in after cooking, oh, say, seasoned beef for tacos, for just long enough to singe the outside and for the skin to pick up the flavors of whatever I've been cooking. I'm considering stuffing some with ... undecided. They're also great for snacking right off of the plant (grow organic). You never know when a hot one will come along. It's like gambling, but you get to keep your house and no one is building a six-block hotel with your money. The less-spicy shishitos are tasty too. It's a solid WIN. Grow your own!

Ground Beef with Fresh Rosemary, Culantro, and Oregano


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