Kuemmerlingus Cocktail

This started out as a mistake. I erred on the side of cheap and adventurous and ended up with some overly-sweet German bitters instead of mein beloved Underberg. I'd thought Kuemmerling worth a try, and the bottles are going to work great for gifting out some hot sauce this HOLIDAY $EASON, but that is another matter. So, not wanting to waste the stuff I came up with a cocktail and a cheesy name to match. Once I'd cut back the sweet a little with some vodka and added a bit of orange to the mix it was quite palatable. After all, how could something that contained angelica, crisped mint, pimento, licorice, wormwood, resin of guaiac, bark of cinnamon, and calamus be all bad?

While I still *heart* Underburg, it would never be this good in a cocktail.

Here ya go:

1 Bottle (20 ml) Kuemmerling Bitters
30 ml chilled vodka
3 Dashes of Regan's Orange Bitters
Garnish with an orange twist

Their web site has more cheesy drinks recipes! Cheers!


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