Mmmmm ... 1,000 Day Aged Gouda ...

The Double Cream Gouda on the Left Is Dandy Too.

It's been Gouda-riffic at Trader Joe's lately. I've tried Gouda with truffles and double cream Gouda to mixed reaction and have seen several other Gouda varieties. Recently my local Joe's brought in one of my favorite cheeses: aged Gouda. It's salty Gouda goodness, friends. I'd purchased some at either Whole Paycheck or Rainbow Co-Op in days past (could have been Falletti, too). Whatever the source, I've been missing it and when I saw this Gouda that had been aged for 1,000 days at TJ's I had to give it a go.

Similar in flavor and texture to Parmigiano-Reggiano, this cheese is highly addictive on its own, can be grated over a salad with cranberries or pomegranate seeds, or, you could use it as I did last night, grated over a taco* (corn tortilla, seasoned grass-fed beef, black beans, wild rice, shaved carrots, diced orange bell pepper, diced tomato, Greek yogurt and mayo "sour cream" (a dollop each of each and citrus juice if desired)). It's one of my all-time favorite cheeses (hm, I feel a list coming on, Doc Gus?).

I know that TJ's doesn't carry every item in every location, but if you spot this one, and my description whets your appetite, pick it up**. Cheese! Er, Cheers!

*Yes, my taco obsession continues. Tacos!
** Do it, Sean.


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