The Most Wonderful Time of the Beer: Smith's Winter Welcome, Delirium's Noël, Belzebuth, Petrus' Aged Pale, Strubbe Flemish Red

Samuel Smith's 75th Anniversary Winter Welcome 
While getting my favorite beers from Cleveland and Kalamazoo is challenging here in OC, I can get beers from the U.K. and Belgium. Well, I guess that it's all about demand. Winter is my favorite time of beer. Yes, that highest of art forms was intended.

The thing is, I remember that in olden times back in CLE Heights these two seasonal beers were FAN-TASTIC. I couldn't wait to get home from The Corkscrew to enjoy one or the other. Having recently enjoyed one of each, however, I don't have much to say about either of them. They're still quite good, and heads above most of the crap beers ... I meant craft beers, of course (WINK), filling the shelves today, but consistency being consistent and all, the wow factor for these beers has long since passed like a ghost at Christmas.

Still, there are worse things than feeling a bit jaded about good beers. Two of those worse things are Miller and Budweiser. To Samuel Smith's and Delirium Tremens Breweries, a hearty cheers.

Delirium's Noël
Feeling the need to lift my holiday spirits from a pit of "meh" and "blim", I grabbed three interesting non-holiday  selections at my nearest adult beverage shop. Below are my notes on each.

Belzebuth Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Wow. I could really taste the 13% ABV in this one. More rocket fuel than beer. Tasty, but brace yourself.

Petrus Aged Pale
Smooth and drinkable. Wood, cider, citrus, vinegar. My favorite of the three.

Strubbe Flemish Red Ale
Another Flemish ale. Subtle for it's style, but complex. Slightly vinegary but not overly sour. No Pucker. Easy drinking. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

There's nothing like a bit of adventuring to get over being jaded and I've discovered some new favorites. I'll be back later with more new beers.


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