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12 pieces of high quality stainless steel cookware for $211.96? Yes. When I spotted this sponsored ad on Facebook it was like seeing a long-lost friend.

Years ago, while rebuilding my cookware collection after a moving mishap I found four pieces of Cooks Standard at Smart and Final. I was impressed with the quality and affordability when compared to All-Clad. I bought the pieces that were available. SandF never restocked and I was misinformed that Cooks Standard was no more (the line was only discontinued at SandF, apparently). Having no recollection of what they were called, no logo to work from, and having had no luck in finding them previously I've since filled gaps in my kitchen with, and married into, a ridiculously full set of All-Clad but those Cooks Standard pieces are still working hard in my kitchen. I've used that one skillet and three pans for eight years and they are still my daily go-to cookware in a kitchen full of All-Clad. I like that they're lighter but every bit as durable as their spendy cousins. Also, not aluminum. If you need great cookware, look no further. Get some Chowbacca!-approved Barkeepers Friend to keep them looking good as well as cooking good.

Looking on Amazon it appears that Cooks Standard offers some pans with those hokey plastic see-through lids. Don't buy those. Never those. Stainless all the way. The 12-piece set seems to be all stainless lids, and a good starter/basic set, although they offer a few other sets, some at a lower price.

I'm not affiliated. I'm just a fan looking out for Chowbaccan! wallets. If you don't want to shop through Amazoink, use the Google. I've seen them elsewhere online, including Costoco, and priced similarly.


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