Truffle Spice Latte?

Soooo, it looks like Trader Joe's got a good deal on truffles. It's in everything. It's in the salt. It's in the Gouda. It's in the salami. It's in the double cream brie. Vying with truffles for the title of ubiquitous ingredient of the moment is ... yeah, pumpkin.

Is it any good? Well, the Gouda was tasty but I manage to get by without mushrooms, or anything, really,  in my double/triple cream brie just fine and I'll be getting along without truffles in my double cream brie from here on. It just doesn't bring anything to the party. The salami, made with truffle water and truffle flavoring, was decent salami, but the scarcest hint of truffle-like flavor produced a "big whoop" in my mouth. Honestly, the hint of truffle made the sausage taste peculiar.

There, I've thrown myself on another culinary grenade in your stead. The gimmick isn't worth the bother.


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