Watermelon Flavored Everything

Partially Showing My Tail

Well, not everything, exactly. I'm just borrowing from one of Doc Gus' posts. I did, however, have half of a watermelon sitting in the fridge when everyone was over eating watermelon. So, I cut it up, peeled it, blended it, and strained out some of the juice from the seeds and meat to make a delicious salad dressing with avocado oil and some aged rice vinegar. I'd made a second dressing with green tea kombucha vinegar and a splash of lime. Good, but the first one was more flavorful.

Then I had another idea. We were having lobster tail. What if ...

... why not ...

... so I poured off a bit of the dressing into a small bowl and dipped a chunk of the lobster in it. Wow. Butter may always be king when it comes to lobster, but, er, that dip was GOOD. It was great on the salads, but on the lobster? Wow.

After dinner I strained some more juice into a glass of añejo tequila and added a splash of lime. Delightful!

So, that's two salad dressings, a dipping sauce for lobster, and a cocktail, all from half of a watermelon that no one wanted. Victory.

I have some more watermelon in a jar waiting. What's next? Perhaps I'll use some of those remaining limes this evening to make a watermelon granita? Hm.

This vinegar has great flavor!


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