Accidental Tomato-Less Pasta Sauce

Lying Spaghetti  Monster
I'd set out to make a borsht-like cauliflower/beet mash-up soup with a lot of vitamins in it that was hearty enough to be meatless. After cooking cut beets, carrots, cauliflower, shallots, red onions, ginger, turmeric, and radishes in the wok I blended it all in my trusty Osterizer with some faux chicken broth (for the vegetarian in the house).

Wokin' it!*
 I'd also blended some greens** from the garden beforehand and had a vitamin and fiber-rich juice that was a slightly bitter tasting that I'd planned to mix into the soup. At first I'd mixed in a little too much and had turned the soup an unappealing brown color. So, I added a bit more of the beet blend, bringing it to a familiar red. It even tasted like good old red sauce, though there wasn't a tomato in it.

Faux Bawk Broth
I decided to change direction and to fix the soup another day. I cooked the now-sauce down a little more before spooning it over organic somen noodles (I had angel hair in the pantry, but why not?) and topping it with grated 1,000 Day Aged Gouda. The flavor and texture was oddly reminiscent of the canned spaghetti served up by the lunch ladies of my childhood, which is funny considering that only the dried pasta and aged cheese weren't garden fresh. Fortunately, the flavor didn't end with reminiscing and carried on to fresh and delicious. It turned out mighty fine, as accidents go.
The Red and the Brown
It's not going to entirely replace the occasional tomato-based spaghetti dinner, but I'll be making this flavorful and nutritious dish again. Maybe next time I'll fake up some vegetable "meatballs". Improv saved dinner. Now, to fix that soup.

*That one's for you, Terry!
**Lemongrass, sacred basil, dinosaur kale, vitamin greens, tatsoi, and sage, to be precise. Also, a bit of faux broth and cloves of black and white garlic.


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