Barbecue-esque Roasted Potatoes

Seasoned Spuds!
Simple. Great with burgers or anything else you'd serve with a BBQ chip. I made them as a side with tacos. Hickory salt and smoked paprika. Coat the spuds in olive oil and roast at 350 until the edges begin to brown and they are fork tender. Season, and pour a little more oil over them and roast for another ten minutes or so. Delicious.

I made them once with Island's Secret Seasoning as well as the smoked paprika and hickory salt. Extra tasty, but not everyone keeps Island's seasoning around like I do. One of these days I need to sit down and pick apart that seasoning.

I've also used a mix of sunflower oil and peanut oil on the potatoes to mimic what I've read is Island's choice for their delicious fries, but olive oil works too.

Pre-Seasoning Spuds!


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