Gifties: The Chain Mail Scrubber (It's not just for LARPs anymore)

This Hudson Essentials 7x7 Cast Iron Cleaner/Chain Mail Scrubber produced one of those forehead-slapping moments as soon as I saw it. Of course it's what I've needed to scrub out my cast iron on the rare occasion that I need more than a paper towel to clean the skillet, skillet lid, wok, grill grates, grill pans, or even my stainless or aluminum items. My cooking surfaces are fierce (as I'll get into in an upcoming post), but they still need a little extra scrubbing power now-and-then without killing my seasoning*.

This scrubber has performed wonderfully on the occasions I've used it, and it is easy to clean and to dry. Just pop it into some hot, soapy water for a bit and hang dry. Also, I'm not using those crumpled foil bits (which have always been hard on the seasoning and to keep track of) on the task any longer.

Get yours (or one for your cast iron loving pal) on Amazon now! I've already sent one to my SiL, and I'm sending one (late) to Ol' Doc Gus for his kitchen. Sorry to get you the 11:00 News at 12:45, but this is something that every serious cast iron owner should have in their kitchen and I only just discovered its existence.

UPDATE: I cracked on two-day shipping. Santa Claus is coming to town, Doc Gus! You'd better watch out!

*This scrubber is not an out for heating and re-oiling the pan any more than foil or a scraper had been. It is, however, less wasteful than foil and more efficient than a scraper.


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