Stocking Stuffings

Christmas is fading into the new year, but these gifts will keep on giving for years to come. While I did get plenty of non-food/beverage gifts this year, these are the best of the food gifts that I have received. I'm thankful for each of them.

Pictured above is the Glencairn Glass, a glass designed just for whisky lovers. I took mine for a test drive last night with some Lagavulin 16. Honestly, it changed my Scotch experience for the better and forever. The nose that it delivers improves the flavor and makes the varied notes more pronounced. I'm loving it already, can you tell? I'm not going to rehash everything on the product page here, so go to the above link and check out this fine product.

A couple of other new best friends are the heavy-duty stainless lemon/lime squeezer and Formaticum Cheese Paper pictured below. I haven't tried out the cheese paper yet, although I plan to wrap two halves of one cheese in cheese paper and wax paper to see how this stuff works. I'll report back asap, but from what I've read it's great stuff and will keep my cheesy comestibles fresher longer.

I have, however, tried out the lemon/lime squeezer from Kitchen Frontier and it's just what I'd wanted. It's sturdy, easily used, and keeps the juice where I want it, which is off of my hands and in the glass/bowl. I've used reamers, larger juicers, and the like, but there's nothing like a good "bar squeezer" to speed up your cooking/cocktailing.

Warning: If you find yourself with this squeezer, be warned that it comes with a little card in the box strongly urging you to download some file from China before using the squeezer. Now, I don't know what urgent info I could possibly need on how to use such a simple tool, (I mean, put the fruit half cut side down and squeeze, right?) but I do know that I'm not one to download some unknown file when they could have easily put the same information on a web page. It may be innocent, or just markety-type-nonsense, but is the risk of malware worth finding out? Nope.

That said, it's a fine product.

A Cheeser and a Squeezer

Lastly, there's the Herb Stripper by Chef'n. When you have a whole bush of rosemary in the back yard like I do, you'll use a lot of rosemary in your cooking. Instead of the waste that scissors produce by not cutting close enough to the stem, this thing just pops the leaves off and drops them into a bowl as you pull it through. It'll be great for parsley, sage, and other herbs too. Yeah, yeah, unitasker my arse. This thing'll get a lot of use. I guarantee it.

Honorable mention to the smoked salt and pepper that I'm going to try out in a dry rub soon. Those are the food-related highlights. I hope that whatever holiday you call your own, (or none at all), was happy and healthy. Now, to plan for New Year's Eve ...


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