La Marca Prosecco DOC

Note the spiffy cap art!

I wasn't going to post anything today, but I felt that this was worth noting. Perhaps you're looking for something to ease your hangover and your wallet today? This may be it.

Once upon a dinner party, when Prosecco first started making itself known on American market shelves, I referred to the sparkling wine as "budget bubbles". At the time I was buying cases of pre-mass production Veuve Cliquot off of the back of a truck (oh, you Barbary Coast), drinking Bellinis (my only exposure to Prosecco at the time) at Foreign Cinema, or Champagne brunching a few times a week. I'd been introduced to non-Bellini-ed Prosecco by some pals, but all of the Prosecco that was crossing my tongue was cloying and annoying. Best to just leave it in a cocktail was my feeling on the matter.

Later, as more Prosecco became available in California, I found a few that were quite good. Last night I decided to roll the bones on a La Marca Prosecco instead of a Champagne. It was both delightful and affordable. Budget bubbles, indeed. The tasting notes describe "... fresh citrus with hints of honey and white floral notes. The flavor is fresh and clean, with ripe citrus, lemon, green apple, and touches of grapefruit, minerality, and some toast. The finish is light, refreshing, and crisp." I can't argue with it. I can only add that it made my evening sparkle.

Buon Anno!


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