Last/First Meal

Every year-ish Doc Gus and I do our "Last Meal of the Year" and "First Meal of the New Year" posts. Well, Doc's busy right now and I almost didn't do one because, well, it's the same meal. This year Wonder Woman and I decided to celebrate the change with our family favorite Chinese foods from Peking Dragon in Dana Point. What? We can't practice our cook-fu all of the time. /winky face/

So, I washed down my vegetable egg roll and my must-have garlic shrimp with some of that La Marca Prosecco that I'd posted about yesterday. Then we settled into a box of See's truffles and a classic Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Black Scorpion. First meal? Delicious leftovers. Exiting? It was to us, and no one was puking on our shoes. Here's NYE and NYD in pictures.

Last Meal of 2014



First Meal of 2015

Happy 2015, Chowbaccans.


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