Omelette Craft

I hadn't made an omelette in about 900 years. After searching my dusty memories and failing to recover any omelette-making knowledge I turned to the Google. Slowly things began to come back to me, and all of those things were things I'd been doing wrong all those years ago (stoopid younger self). I'd added ingredients to eggs first. I'd tried some fancy flipping nonsense. I'd gone eggs-tremely heavy-handed  on fillings (and the puns). No wonder I'd quit making omelettes. Now I will lay out for you how to make an eggs-ceptional omelette, sparing you the research (but not the puns). Eggs-ited?

1) Prep your fillings.
2) Butter your skillet
3) Whisk and season your eggs
4) Pour the eggs into the skillet to cover the bottom
5) When the egg starts to firm up, use the spatula to push the still-wet egg into the middle to form curds

6) When the curds have firmed up add your ham, cheese, onions, bell peppers, what have you, to one side of the egg, but go easy on portions or you'll blow the omelette (don't blow the omelette)
7) Gently fold the empty side over the full (if something falls out, add it to the top and don't try to push them into the omelette)
8) Enjoy

Now, get the shell out of here and go make an omelette for someone you love.


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