Roasted Vegetable Soup. At last.

Victory in Soup Town!
The rain and cool temperatures have brought out soup time around here with varying results. After having had a batch of roasted vegetable soup turn out as delicious pasta sauce, I'd dialed things back and made some tasty kabocha soup. After a soup victory, it was time to take another crack at roasted vegetable soup. Some extra time to think (that last soup was made under a gun), and a couple of tricks finally made the soup that I'd wanted (although, the pasta sauce was dandy). The result was a soup that was enjoyable on its own or with the addition of tofu*, mushrooms*, culantro*, mustard greens**,  kale**, red rice*** or all of the above.

First, the roasting. I cut up 3 beets, a couple of radishes, the other half of the kabocha from my previous soup, half of a white onion, two carrots, and I peeled a few garlic cloves. All of this was tossed with salt and olive oil and then it went onto a jelly roll pan and then into a 425 degree oven for 25-30 minutes until everything was fork tender.

After removing the vegetables from the oven, and letting them cool a bit, I put them into the blender in batches along with 3 cups of water mixed with 3 tablespoons of faux chicken broth powder and 1 tablespoon of red miso paste. I also added 1 Black Cobra pepper and 1 Scotch Bonnet for heat in addition to a handful of mint and sage leaves. A tablespoon of turmeric went in as well. This all received the blender treatment until smooth. The result was put into a saucepan to finish.

It was at this point that I'd hit the problem from the first batch of soup. It was a bit too thick, and may have cooked down into a sauce again. I didn't want to add more broth because I'd wanted a heartier soup. It was also a bit flat in flavor. A peek at the pantry gave me my solution(s): coconut milk. The addition of one can of coconut milk to the soup both gave it the right heft and boosted the flavors in the soup. A couple of tablespoons of aged rice vinegar (although you can use any rice vinegar, the flavor of the aged vinegar is incredible), and it was the soup I'd sought.

Finally, I jarred it all up and have been happily feeding the vegetarian all week by changing it up a little each day.

At last. Soup Quest 2015 marches onward. What other soups are there? Hm.

*Heat with the soup. Do not boil. Add some vinegar at the end.

**Heat the soup to nearly a boil, turn off heat, and toss in the greens so that they don't get bleached out and mushy.

***Cook separately.


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