Eat Here: The Crab Cooker, Newport Beach, CA

I Looked.
When certain friends of mine say "eat there!!!!" I make a point of eating wherever they may be steering me. So, when a certain "Miss M" found out that Wonder Woman and I had been playing tourist in our neighboring beach cities she steered us to a place that WW hadn't eaten at since childhood and that I had yet to experience. Huzzah!

Founded in 1951 by Bob Roubian, The Crab Cooker is still kicking it old school after all of these years. It's a Newport Beach institution. The place looks as if it's barely changed since '51, and the staff are lifers who are obviously treated well and treat you well ... as well ... heh. Huzzah!

There's no view, (except of a fake great white shark hanging over your head), the beer selection is shite, and there are no ups or extras, but you're there for the food, which is delicious. If you've ever braved the line at Swan's in SF (or were smart enough to show up at opening like I always did), you get the idea (although I liked Crab Cooker better). Just read this and tell me that the fine folks at Crab Cooker don't know how to do fish right. I dare you!

If you love Manhattan-style clam chowder and smoked albacore, and I do, this is your spot. If you love crab, scallops, oysters, lobster, and ... hell, if you LOVE seafood, GET THEE TO THE CRAB COOKER!!!

I Ate Lots of Fish.


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