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Beef Shortribs

This just in: Flannery Beef is having a 30% off sale on their California Prime beef for Valentine's Day. Don't blow your dough on amateur night. Cook your sweetie a steak! They won't know that it was 30% off unless you tell them. ;)

Now, back to your irregularly scheduled blog post.

In an age when the noble art of butchery has, to an alarming degree, been assimilated by MEGAFOOD INDUSTRIES, and when the average schmo thinks that meat starts under the shrink wrap, it is refreshing to know that Bryan Flannery and the good folks at Flannery Beef are out there on the Internet keeping it real. When I say real I mean real delicious.

Prime Rib Cap, Purple Mashers, Sprouts, and Asparagus

I first met Bryan at his former brick-and-mortar location in Corte Madera, CA. It's not every day that I've met someone so genuinely enthusiastic and knowledgable about meat specifically, and food in general. Bryan Flannery, a second-generation butcher and son of the man behind Bryan's Foods in San Francisco, is that kind of guy and then some. It was always a kick crossing the Golden Gate for a trip to his shop to get a peek at his latest inventory from California and the Midwest and then crossing back again with a car load of meaty goodness like beef rib caps, dry-aged rib eyes, pork loin, and California lamb. It's not exactly my "neighborhood butcher's shop", but the service and quality were more than worth the drive.

Pork Cap

Bryan's passion and knowledge always made the trip worthwhile as well. This is not someone ordering meat over the phone. Bryan makes regular trips to hand pick his sources throughout the country. As some of the photos on this page show, he's willing to experiment with trends like the wagyu wave that hit the country a while back. You can still get the marbled goodness of wagyu from Flannery Beef, as well as their excellent cuts of Midwestern and California Prime beef too. Do you prefer pork? Sausages? Lamb? Flannery has your cut.

You may have already enjoyed beef or pork from Flannery Beef. It's been featured on the menu of  Chef Trevor Kunk, formerly of Blue Hill in New York and currently running the kitchen at Press in St. Helena. Chef Joshua McFadden has served Flannery's dry-aged ribeye at The Restaurant at Meadowood

Beef Short Ribs and a Pair of Rib Eyes

While those trips to Bryan's Fine Foods are only a tasty memory now, I've purchased a good amount of meat from the online store and I can tell you that the quality is every bit as high as it was at his Corte Madera shop. Another carry-over from the shop is the online store's Burger Builder, where you can customize your burger meat. Just select three meats from the drop-down menus and Flannery will mix your meats and ship them to you. Mix prime hanger steak with short rib meat and wagyu chuck, or choose skirt steak, prime chuck and top round. Go nuts, meatheads! They may even be offering foie gras again now that California has returned to its senses.

There's a four pound minimum on the Burger Builder, (the quantities come in four pound increments), but it's a novel source for a unique backyard cookout. Best of all, everything you order ships quickly and arrives vacuum packed in boxes especially designed to keep your selections cold for up to three days.

Cap Cooking
Sure, if you live in San Francisco you have access to butcher shops like Drewes,  Olivier's, or Falletti Foods, but honestly I prefer Flannery's quality and selection. Plus, I'm in SoCal these days and I'd rather have Flannery beef than whatever the wage slave at Whole Paycheck is pushing.

If my words and pictures haven't sold you yet, perhaps the "about" on Flannery's Facebook page will help:

Working with only USDA Prime, Flannery Beef finds the best cuts available, dry ages them to perfection, and ships right to your doorstep!

Flannery Beef. Get some. You'll be glad. In fact, I'm going to go and order some 30%-off steaks for my family right now (well, not for the vegetarian).

Marbled Wagyu Goodness! Photo: Bryan Flannery

Happy Cows. Photo: Bryan Flannery

Music Appreciating Cows/Photo: Bryan Flannery

Great Steaks In The Making/ Photo: Bryan Flannery

Great Steaks In The Making/ Photo: Bryan Flannery

Vacuum-Packed Beefy Goodness/Photo: LMj
Remember: Flannery Beef is having a 30% off sale on their California Prime beef for Valentine's Day. Don't blow your dough on amateur nightCook your sweetie a steak! They won't know that it was 30% off unless you tell them. ;)

Full Disclosure: I get nothing for plugging Flannery Beef except the satisfaction of knowing that I'm helping a great guy keep my favorite meat seller in business.


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