Goldihops and the Three Beers

I know that it's the wrong glass. It was a hot day. Shut it.
Unlike Goldilocks, Goldihops didn't save the best for last. Here are some beers in the order that I had them over a week a while back.

First up: hokey smokes! Vanilla, bananas, oats, lemon, and wheat! This Belgian classic packs so many flavors into a bottle that you'll want to swish some around in your mouth for a bit to try and pick them all out. Go find yourself a Tripel Karmeliet right now.

You know how green tea ice cream has a little aftertaste, but it's a good aftertaste? The finish on this Baird/Ishii/Stone collaboration flops to the other end of the scale. The beer itself is harmless and, I suppose, interesting enough, but oh, that finish. It's like a Cheerio from under the seat cushion. Nope, I didn't like it, but a lot of folks seem to think it's dandy. Eh.

If, however, this fine Anchor product is still around you should pick some up. I'm not sure that it would blow away Dupont Brewing's farmhouse offering in a tasting, but it's refreshing and crisp.


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